Friday, September 12, 2014

Spring Blossom Stumpwork

I was out  one day  a few years ago at Walmart to pick up some more Anchor threads and there was a free cross stitch pattern available.  For some reason it spoke to me and I could immediately see it as a stumpwork design.  I took some time to get permission to use the original pattern as the basis for my project, and then started work. What you see above is the final result.  

I teach the project as a beginners piece because the shape of the leaves and petals is very simple and the petals are stitched with long and short stitch with extra colours added later as highlights, rather than true thread painting. Students also get the chance to progress from small shapes to larger ones and learn how to change colours while doing the buttonhole stitch on the edges.

This was actually the first stumpwork project I designed and is still a favourite for teaching.  It can easily be covered in a one day class and is actually kind of fun to do.

If you are tempted to use someone else's design as a starting point for your own it is very important to make sure that you get permission to do so if you're planning on publishing.  If you are just doing a design for yourself, well then it's not so important

On a side note, I notice after looking at this photo that my fabric is beginning to look a little the worse for wear, and has a couple of marks on it.  The grey marks under the stem are actually slubs in the fabric, but the piece has been handled so many times now that I notice a couple of very small stains.  I don't put glass on most of my finished pieces, nor do I panic if someone wants to touch the petals or 'feel' the stitches, which I find happens frequently when I'm teaching.   How do you feel about people touching your work?    I stitch and teach because I love the process and I don't kid myself that many people will be holding their breath to own a piece of my work when I'm gone.  I figure if someone wants to have a really close look at it, well why not.  I take it as a compliment.

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